The Owners of America's Media Lie to You


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The US media are owned today by men affiliated with banking and industrial corporations and conglomerates that control a government guilty of war crimes on a massive scale. They create turmoil and destruction in the pursuit of profits, e.g., NASA's budget $$$$$.

To succeed, they must stiffle dissent and reform, the focus of which involves exposing their crimes against humanity, both domestically and abroad, e.g., wars.

These men are doing everything within their power to eliminate every progressive step taken by mankind, including reason itself, from Magna Carta to our own Constitution's Bill of Rights.

We know today, based on convincing evidence, that Challenger's actors were not hired from agencies that represent professional "crisis actors" such as used at Sandy Hook and Boston. Fake astronauts presented as Challenger's crew were hand-picked from elite families as shown by their positions in later life. What strikes America's democratic masses as most bizare are truths and motives shared by a plutocratic elite within privileged educational, commercial, and social circles. Had persons returned from a fake disaster into other than those circles, what would friends and colleagues have thought?

Media perps have created websites that publish supposedly accurate Challenger research in websites that claim the earth is flat. This ploy is designed to trap persons into thinking that its purpose is to defuse exposure of their lies by combining "honest" research of a hoax with an absurdity. The question arises: Why are the media perps now indicating that no one was killed in the Challenger mission? The internet has fully exploded the moon trip myths (see We may expect an admission that televised "moon visits" in the late 1960's and early 1970's were, in fact, faked. It will be accompanied by a patriotic rationalization of their purpose at the time, citing "cold war" conditions, President Kennedy's directive, etc.

Why should it be any surprise to discover that the Space Shuttles, entertainment brought to us by the same people (NASA), were also a huge hoax? Truth (as murder) will eventually come out. Thanks to the internet their games are being exposed although they continue to scorn television viewers to whom, fifteen years later, they brought terror on 911 through another day of illusions. SEE September Clues: The Power of Imagery.

America's rich beautiful people feel entitled to run the show today. How else, for example, were media perpetrators of 9/11, fifteen years later, able to gain the cooperation of familiar corporations? Isn't that what plutocracy should be all about? Our owners in government and media are not merely leaders, propagandists, and entertainers of America's masses. They do not represent a free people. They have undertaken to create and control a world financial empire. They not only lie to us, they are war criminals. How much longer will decent citizens go along for the ride?

Of course, there is a simple alternative solution to this mind-boggling research. That is the possibility the "existing" individuals are datafakes as a result of a tremendous amount of work and application of persona software programming. Any hypothesis presented to resolve this issue involves duplicity on the part of its perpetrators and takes us back to the same conclusion: they are liars. We are speaking of NASA and our media.

ADDENDUM (posted July 29, 2015): Considerable evidence has been presented linking Judith Resnik who was killed in January, 1986 in the explosion of NASA's shuttle, Challenger, with Attorney Judith Resnik who is a professor at Yale University's College of Law.

There is ample pre-college background online for NASA-Judith, including a worshiping father, Marvin, and her high-school years near home in Akron, Ohio. The narrative is that she went on to study electrical engineering at Carnegie-Mellon and then earned a PhD in EE from The University of Maryland before joining NASA and dying in the Challenger's explosion.

There is less background online for Attorney Resnik. She emerges as a brilliant Bryn Mawr student at age 18 who graduated in 1972 and then graduated from law school at New York University in 1975.

Attorney Resnik's resume has her leaving, in 1980, a position at Yale to teach at the University of Southern California in downtown Los Angeles. She remained in that area until returning east to Yale in 1997. If that time-line for Attorney Resnik is accurate, it puts her in Los Angeles at the time of the Challenger's explosion in January 1986. She remained in California for more than ten years.

Following Challenger's 1986 explosion NASA-Judith's heart-broken father, Marvin, moved in 1987 from Akron, Ohio to Encinitas, California (for the weather, no doubt) where he remained until his death in March, 2010. Prior to his death, he collected more than $2 million from the manufacturer of Challenger's O-Rings, failure of which had been determined by NASA to have been the cause of his beloved daughter's death.

I wonder if heart-broken Marvin Resnik ever knew that a brilliant young woman who, coincidentally, bore an uncanny resemblance to his beloved daughter, as well as carried his daughter's name, Judith Resnik, was for more than a decade only a 90-minute drive away.

UPDATE (posted 08-11-15):
It is said that Marvin Resnik moved to California in 1987 for retirement. However, in 2002 he established and incorporated Deep Creek Eye Care, Inc., located at 261 Viaduct Tierra, Encinitas, CA 92024

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