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Stewart Ogilby -- Sarasota, FL. See also the BigEyeBlog

Webmaster in 1996 was born in October 1995, beginning as a listing of links to an increasing number of educational and interesting web sites. In the web's early months this site provided a useful resource for intelligent computer users.

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Stewart Ogilby
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See also, written in 2014, The Memoirs of a Superfluous Farm Boy

Paragraph added 4-14-24. . . It has been 29 years since I dabbled with the then-new Internet and built the original Bigeye website. I began the first "social networking" group in 1992 and its website in 1995 (see as a gift to persons online. I also posted what was probably the first online "blog", Erosion, on this site. Now 90 years old, I have watched as this medium has grown and, as a result of financial interests, has morphed to appeal to the lowest common denominator of the masses. Those in control struggle to minimize political ramifications of widespread access to information, the same problem faced by organized religion after printing was invented and proliferated. It has taken me nearly three decades to grasp what will inevitably be perceived by a minority, the element in humanity referred to as its saving remnant. My two hobbies, in addition to dabbling online, are classical music and writing occasional essays including The 911 Media Hoax. My outlook is now in harmony with that expressed in an online video that is titled JFK to 9/11: Everything is a Rich Man's Trick. One who thinks critically must abide the trick propagandized epithet instilled in the masses, "conspiracy nut". As my own views have developed so too has this site. BigEye is offered todoay by an old man to those who are amenable to currently unaccepted, unexamined, and undiscussed ideas.

This search/portal model was designed to help you easily navigate the Internet, and to give you the pleasure of finding some of the best sites on the Web. This site should meet your need for a rational starting point online.. This site strives to be fully self-supporting through unobtrusive on-line promotions, as not to require financial donations or contributions. It is supported partially by a business (banner below).

WiseBird Financial Group was selected by Mecklermedia as "World Site of the Day" and I was overwhelmed when Newsweek Magazine featured us in its Cyberscope section. The American Library Association included a review of BigEye in Knowledge Quest, its national magazine for academic librarians (Nov/Dec 1998, page 36). I am very grateful for the support of the many schools, colleges, and libraries that now link to BigEye from their own web sites. BigEye receives nearly 400,000 unique page views per month.

Personally, I am appalled by the sweeping changes taking place in The United States and the current direction of our government, propelled by large corporations, toward international piracy. Politically, this is cloaked by a cultish cadre of neoconservatives under the guise of forcing "democracy" and fighting "terrorism". The new buzzwords, modernization and globalization, are euphemisms for imperialism. Costly warfare should be avoided, not chosen, in international affairs. In my view, tax-resources would be far better used on behalf of our own citizens who are paying them. Our country's own natural disasters and infrastructure ought to be the rightful business of its people's elected officials. I am skeptical, however, about using a central government to handle such wealth on behalf of We the People and feel that we, the working people of our own communities, have the ability to do a far better job of handling our own social responsibilities and our own resources if we could maintain control of our own incomes, rather than being over-taxed. National defense is a valid issue, but it ought to be just that: defense.

The U.S. government's professional politicians are paid puppets of a handful of extremely wealthy men whose personal ambitions and intention of achieving and maintaining full financial control of the human race may or may not be conducive to further evolutionary development of human consciousness.

I have created an additional website, BigEye Blog as a publishing medium for articles and sentiments not generally found in commercial mass-media in an attempt to combat untruths, inflammatory rhetoric and officially-crafted propaganda. I originally developed as a "media watchdog" to critique commercial media. It may have been useful to help a disappointingly small minority that possess good cognitive analytical ability grasp the extent of today's manipulation of our fellows. That site is now dedicated to current events.

I used to try to keep NewsWatch fresh in my spare time, usually during green-tea breaks at Starbucks, a formidable hobby.

The popularity of these sites results primarily from one person telling another about BigEye and NewsWatch. You can help to spread the word around by telling others about these sites. If, after becoming familiar with this web site, you'd like to communicate with me, send email addressed to "StewartOgilby at Yahoo dot com" (this address has been deconstructed to hide from spammers — you know how to do it; in the Subject line, please put COMMENTS ABOUT BIGEYE) — it is always good to hear from anyone who wants to discuss websites. I have a personal page at

After a little experience with BigEye you will understand how easy this site makes it to access the web for any purpose.